Stars Arts

Empowering underserved communities and individuals overcoming personal challenges by guiding them on a journey of storytelling to create public art.

By bringing like-minded individuals together, we foster a sense of community and encourage collaboration to create art that beautifies and entertains both the local and broader community.


Stars Arts is located in Hayward, and provides services primarily in Hayward and Alameda County, to underserved and at-risk individuals/communities, utilizing the arts to help them discover their value and identity. Our goal is to empower them to understand their own capabilities, helping them create income sources and foster independence.

Art & Communication Program

Our Art and Communication program focuses on providing arts education and experiences, with a strong emphasis on communication. Students share their stories through public art. During class, students discuss their work and creations, describing what it means to them through the use of the elements of art. By interacting with one another, they provide insight and feedback to each other in a safe way and place.

Creating Art

Our program brings interactive art experience to communities, helping individuals communicate with others facing similar situations. They gain comfort in sharing their stories, discussing their creations and their personal significance. These artworks are then showcased through murals, gallery showings, plays, poetry readings, ribbon cuttings and unveilings. This process rejuvenates individuals while enriching the community through public art.